How to Submit an Immigration Appeal – Part 2: Preparing the Appeal Bundle

So, you submitted your Notice of Appeal and received the Notice of Hearing with your appeal hearing date? It is now time to start preparing your Appeal Bundle to send to the Immigration Tribunal and the Home Office Presenting Officers (HOPO) Unit.

In the Appeal Bundle you would normally paginate every page and include the following:

  1. Index to the Bundle
  2. Witness statements of anyone standing as a Witness on the day
  3. Copy of Notice of Appeal, in particular the Grounds of Appeal
  4. Copy of Refusal letter
  5. Any other documents in support of your case that combats the points on the refusal letter

Once your bundle is ready, you would make 3 to 4 copies depending on if you have instructed a barrister to represent you at the hearing. One copy should be sent to the Tribunal, one to the HOPO unit and one to the barrister if you have appointed one. You must also remember to keep a copy of the bundle yourself. The address for the HOPO and the Tribunal are all on the Hearing Notice.

The earlier you send your bundle the more chance there is that the Home Office will review the contents earlier and possibly withdraw the appeal to reconsider the decision. However, this could happen even a day before the hearing or not at all.

Once the bundle has been sent off, it is time to prepare for the hearing itself. In Part 3 of this Blog I talk about the next stage of an Appeal, which is the hearing itself. If you wish to read Part 3, please click here.

If you require assistance with any part of the appeal process then please contact Ami for assistance.

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